Waaph-waaph (wrong answer in a quiz show noise)

Cupcake towerOh dear, oh dear… what went wrong? Tough crowd perhaps? The cupcakes I made for the baby shower were a dismal failure and I can’t work out why. I’m the first to admit that my decorating skills leave much to be desired, but it’s the effort that counts right? I spent a good few hours baking, icing and cleaning up, not to mention the money I spent buying the ingredients and the display tower, and hardly any cupcakes were eaten (I counted three missing from the cupcake stand when I left the shower – and one of those was eaten by a child who licked off the icing and promptly discarded the cake). I got a perfunctory ‘thank you’ from the hostess, but not the ‘Oooos’ and ‘Ahhhs’ I had expected. Was I expecting too much?

I think in this day and age, when most people don’t bake, and just go out and buy things like this, that it’s really nice when people take the time and effort to make something themselves.

I’m feeling very deflated after the excitement of planning what I was going to make, baking the cupcakes, icing them, and then displaying them – all for NOTHING!!

Anyone else had baking disasters? Not that I think mine was a disaster – it was more like I got a reaction I hadn’t been expecting.


8 thoughts on “Waaph-waaph (wrong answer in a quiz show noise)

  1. Don’t be too hard on yourself. I’m sure the cupcakes were delicious.I’m a big cupcake fan and if I was there I’d bet there wont be any cupcake left.I love cupcakes with big frostings, sprinkles, and a secret treat inside the cupcakes is awesome too. Once I bit into one with reese’s peanut butter cups inside and it really blew my mind away :)Hope you continue to try making these wonderful cupcakes.Cupcake on FoodistaCupcake


  2. They look beautiful to me! I think that you’re right, most people don’t take the time to bake from scratch. But also, people who don’t bake from scratch don’t know how much effort it is. Maybe the hostess was just feeling overwhelmed at that moment?

    You’re welcome to bring those over to my house any time!


  3. They look good to me, clearly the people you baked for have no taste! I think you are right, we live in an age where alot of people buy ready made stuff which is a shame, and home made is lovely and full of care and attention – shop bought is just full of additives!. It doesn’t take long to knock up a batch of cake batter, you can do it while watching the TV – if I had been there, I would have had at lease two, maybe three!


    1. Oh thanks Natalie – you are too kind! I’m just about over it now, and ready to take along another batch to the next occasion I go to that requires cupcakes… and what occasion doesn’t require cupcakes?!


  4. Well I think they look adorable. And homemade cupcakes are probably my FAVORITE thing in the world so I don’t know what happened but it sounds like a fluke to me. To answer your question: there is absolutely no occasion that doesn’t require cupcakes.


  5. I thought they looked nice! After going out of your way (even with a cupcake stand) I think I’d be disappointed too. And believe me- since i just posted on cupcakes myself, I have had my share of disasters. One of my experiences was so bad, the cake far overflowed the baking tins, and the experimental filling just would not smooth out. I almost gave up, then decided to give it another few weeks before I tried again.

    Anyway, thanks for checking out my blog! I’ve enjoyed reading your posts too. Incidentally, John (the husband) and I are traveling to New Zealand in a few weeks for the first time. We are spending 4 days on the north island, then about 9 days on the south island. Any fantastic restaurants you’d recommend?



    1. Hi Nicole – thanks for your kind comments! I think baking is part-science and part-artform… and something I will probably never master, but it’s fun trying.

      I would love to recommend some restaurants for you to visit – what sort of food do you like? 🙂


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