Sticky gooey Ginger Cake

Ginger cake - the lines on the cake are from the cooling rack

It’s been ages since I last made Ginger Cake. I use a tried and tested Nigella Lawson recipe which includes molasses, dark brown sugar, golden syrup and fresh ginger. If you like ginger, and I do, you will love this! My five year old eats huge hunks of it, and I figure it can’t be as bad for her as some sweets and cakes would be. (It’s high in Iron because of the molasses, and my mother MADE me eat when I was anaemic during my pregnancies – imagine being made to eat cake!!) It is sticky and gooey as anything, and keeps really well because of it – not that it ever seems to last more than a day or so in our house… It would make a wonderful winter pudding served warm with custard or ice cream, but I’m just happy with a great big hunk of it to have with a cup of tea – bliss!


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