Out of My Comfort Zone Cooking

My collection of cookbooks is taking over the book shelf

I am most definitely stuck in a rut… a cooking rut. I make the same things over and over again, and my family eats those same things I make over and over again, and apart from the odd meal out, nothing changes!! Those meals are good of course, in fact some of them are favourites – but how am I ever going to discover a new favourite if I don’t try totally new things from time to time?

So I have decided to challenge myself to make a new dish once a week. It may not sound like a lot to some people, but in between part-time work, small children, housework, wrangling household pets, and everything else – I figure I might as well be easy on myself and set a goal which is actually going to be achievable.

I have a large stack of cookbooks (as you can see from the picture above), and the internet, plus all the fantastic blogs I follow so I won’t be lacking inspiration. And once I week I will ‘trial’ a new recipe, sweet or savoury, and document the success/failure here. I’ll call it ‘Out of My Comfort Zone Cooking’.

What sounds like quite a simple task will be made rather more complicated by the fussy eaters that reside in my house. Husband – is a vegetarian who doesn’t like mushrooms…?! (Go figure – what’s WITH that??) And two small children who’s tastes seem to be governed by the moon, or tide, or a complex combination of the two – I haven’t quite worked it out yet – but they eat something with gusto one day, only to turn their snooty little noses up at the exact same thing a week later, declaring “I don’t like [insert any food here], it’s disgusting!” I’m sure the majority of parents can sympathise, and have similar ‘picky eaters’ residing in their houses.

Chewy choc chip cookies

Anyway… tomorrow’s the weekend so it’s probably a good time to try out a new recipe. I’ll post the results, and pictures.

In the meantime… I’ve been baking Chewy Choc Chip Cookies, which are totally delicious (and ever so slightly undercooked), not remotely hard and crunchy – which to me is a great thing, but of course it’s a matter of personal taste!


5 thoughts on “Out of My Comfort Zone Cooking

    1. Thanks Barb. Yes, it is a bit of a challenge, depending on what else is going on at the time – but if I don’t set a goal, I would probably just let it slide and not end up doing anything at all!


    1. I hear you!! It’s certainly not easy, especially when you’re short on time – but think of all the exciting recipes you’ll discover, which will eventually become tried and tested favourites… Hang on – won’t that mean we’re stuck in a rut all over again with a different bunch of recipes? Ha ha 🙂


  1. My kids aren’t picky ….. They love fruits & veggies but they do not like to eat the same things week in & week out which means I’m constantly trying new dishes. Good luck to you with yours.

    Btw, thanks for visiting my blog & commenting! 🙂


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