My ginger addiction needs feeding

imageIt’s a cold grey day outside, so what better way to pass the time than to bake? I was keen to make a ginger loaf after spying a rather delicious looking one at the supermarket this morning (all dark, dense and gooey), and while a quick search through my cookbooks resulted in a fair few recipes for ginger cake (chocolate ginger cake – note to self, this is a must try!), I couldn’t find any suitable ‘loaf’ recipes. A Google search brought up a recipe for Esther’s Gingerbread on the Ruth Pretty site, which I decided to try.

It’s one of those recipes where the eye-popping amounts of sugar, golden syrup and butter called for beam unbidden kilos onto your hips directly from page before you even begin baking (or eating – four large pieces like I did!), but in my experience those are often the very best recipes, and this one was no disappointment.

My only regret is what I actually ended up with still wasn’t a loaf, after all that searching… it’s definitely a gingerbread. Yes, just like the recipe told me! And while it’s lovely, sticky and sweet with more than a hint of warm gingeryness , I think I still prefer Nigella’s version with molasses and fresh grated ginger.


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