Broad bean bonanza – Broad bean, lemon and thyme risotto

Our weather here in New Zealand has suddenly reverted back to winter – it’s cold, grey and windy. Where is spring?

Risotto is always such comfort food, and when it’s dismal outside, comfort food is what I crave. So with yet more fresh broad beans from the vege garden needing to be used up, what better way to do it, than in a risotto?

I used this recipe for Broad Bean, Lemon and Thyme Risotto from It’s a very simple recipe that only used a few ingredients, but the end result was fantastic! Just what you’d expect from a risotto – hot melty cheesy rice, with fresh sweet pops of broad beans still with a bit of bite to them (because I added them right at the end to avoid that awful grey colour they can sometimes take on when they’ve been cooked for too long).


Next year, when our vege garden is yet again heaving under the weight of a massive crop of broad beans I will definitely be making this again.


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