Broad bean bonanza – broad bean and dill pilaf

With yet more broad beans in the garden to use up, I decided to try a pilaf and did a bit of looking around for a suitable recipe. I think the flavours of broad bean and dill go so well together, so when I found a recipe for a Broad Bean and Dill Pilaf on the BBC Goodfood website I was keen to try it keen to eat it! Delicious hot buttery pilaf dotted through with the delicate crunch of fresh sweet broad beans… it’s a winner.

Broad bean and dill pilaf
Broad bean and dill pilaf – served with herby chicken meatballs

During my scouting around for a suitable pilaf recipe, I came across one from Martha Stewart where she served meatballs with the broad bean pilaf. Meatballs are such comfort food, and I thought they’d be a nice accompaniment to the pilaf… I can’t find her recipe now (and didn’t use it anyway), so you’ll just have to take my word for it – the meal was delicious!


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