A Sour Cream Coffee Cake (or the cake with two tops)

My first outing with my brand new cookbook Homemade Decadence by Joy the Baker was her delicious sounding Sour Cream Coffee Cake with Brown Butter Glaze. It was a total success flavour-wise – so delicious (you should have seen the size of the slices I was cutting!)… but technically, I totally stuffed up.

Reading recipes all the way through BEFORE beginning to bake has never been a strength of mine. No, far from it. I would say it is a kitchen skill there is some serious room for improvement on!

Normally I am so keen to get on with the fun part – eating the creamed butter, eating the creamed butter with raw egg in it, eating the batter, eating the frosting, eating the finished product – that I tend to hurry the boring stuff, like reading the recipe, ensuring I have the correct ingredients, and ensuring I have the right tin and have properly lined/greased it.

So this time, instead of reading the part where the recipe says ‘sprinkle the streusel on top and loosely swirl it into the batter’ before baking it, I just sprinkled it on top… that’s right, absolutely NO swirling occurred!


The first time I realised something had gone terribly, horribly wrong, was when I went to turn the cake out of the tin after baking it. See the right hand photo above – the lovely looking cake in the tin, covered in delicious, crunchy, nutty, cinnamon-y streusel? Well, now imagine trying to get that baby out without all that delicious streusel falling right off… yes, MAJOR issue!


But – there is a happy ending to this tale of woe. I managed to prise the cake out eventually, not too much of the streusel was lost, AND miracle of miracles, once I had topped the bottom of the cake with glaze (added glaze to the bottom of the cake which was now on the top), I had a cake with TWO tops! I know – how amazing is that… because, as we all know, the top of the cake is far superior in taste, texture and all round cake-y amazingness, so to have not one top but two…?

That’s a win!


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