Hello 2015!

Happy New Year blog readers! I’m pretty excited to be starting a new year, it always seems like an opportunity to try something I haven’t done before… And – cue drum roll – that’s why this month I’m trying veganism. I know, I know, it’s kind of left field, but please bare with me – it’s just for the month of January.

I happened across the idea on the Cate in the Kitchen blog. It’s called ‘Veganuary’ and its a bit of a challenge and a way to raise awareness about the benefits of a vegan diet for personal health and for the wider environment. After three weeks of Christmas excess and overindulgence a little ‘considered’ eating seems like a very positive thing.

It’s only day three for me, but so far I’ve already tried making a few new things (socca, vegan carrot scones) and have tried (and eaten all of) something I’ve never really liked in the past (eggplant). So while I don’t think I’d choose to be a vegan permanently, I really like the way it’s challenging me to eat differently. I’ve also had more opportunities to eat fresh food from the garden, having a way to use up our current glut of kale and carrots is a bonus!!

This was last night’s dinner – Japanese Miso grilled eggplant on brown rice… Yum, so good!

Miso eggplant




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