Waaph-waaph (wrong answer in a quiz show noise)

Cupcake towerOh dear, oh dear… what went wrong? Tough crowd perhaps? The cupcakes I made for the baby shower were a dismal failure and I can’t work out why. I’m the first to admit that my decorating skills leave much to be desired, but it’s the effort that counts right? I spent a good few hours baking, icing and cleaning up, not to mention the money I spent buying the ingredients and the display tower, and hardly any cupcakes were eaten (I counted three missing from the cupcake stand when I left the shower – and one of those was eaten by a child who licked off the icing and promptly discarded the cake). I got a perfunctory ‘thank you’ from the hostess, but not the ‘Oooos’ and ‘Ahhhs’ I had expected. Was I expecting too much?

I think in this day and age, when most people don’t bake, and just go out and buy things like this, that it’s really nice when people take the time and effort to make something themselves.

I’m feeling very deflated after the excitement of planning what I was going to make, baking the cupcakes, icing them, and then displaying them – all for NOTHING!!

Anyone else had baking disasters? Not that I think mine was a disaster – it was more like I got a reaction I hadn’t been expecting.


Let them eat cupcakes

Attending baby shower on Saturday and will be making a ‘cupcake tower’ to take along for the Mum To Be. Bought aforementioned ‘tower’ today, so now comes the FUN part… making the cupcakes! Have decided to make three kinds: super-chocolate, hummingbird, and what I call ‘plain’ (guess you could describe it as vanilla).

But the topping – that’s the important bit. So… HAS to be super-chocolate ganache for the chocolate ones, and by super-chocolate I mean at least 70% cocoa solids. None of that namby-pamby milk chocolate for me! Then cream cheese frosting (with a hint of lemon) for the hummingbird cakes, considering they are similar to a carrot cake in style, and carrot cake and cream cheese frosting are a match made in cake heaven! And the vanilla? Yet to be decided – but whatever it is will be coloured in all manner of fairy pastel tints. SO pretty – sigh…