What fondue do you do?

I’ve been thinking about fondue lately… you know, that crazy thing they used to do in the 70s where people dipped bits of food into hot, cheesy sauce, then ate it?

So I have a couple of fondue sets sitting in the back of my cupboard, gathering dust, and I can’t for the life of me think of what to make with them. Cheese and chocolate are the obvious choices, but I’m after something a bit different… but WHAT?!

I thought of a pesto… could work. Or a wine/cream sauce… a bit too much like cheese sauce. A tomato sauce… maybe, not all that exciting though. What about caramel? Or butterscotch… now that’s a bit Christmassy.

What fondue sauce would you like to try? All suggestions gratefully received!


Broad bean bonanza – a spring salad

With yet more broad beans to use up, I spied this delicious sounding recipe for a Broad Bean and Orzo
Salad. Yum!

I served the salad with salmon, baked with a crust of the remaining pesto left over from the salad.


Just a quick note regarding the salad – I made my own basil pesto to use for the salad dressing (pesto, olive oil and lemon juice) because I just happened to have the ingredients to hand. I whizzed the pesto ingredients up in my blender which has been well-loved over the years (and in all honesty has probably seen better days) and doesn’t particularly like whizzing things to a ‘fine’ anything… but as I often find with cooking, this was rather serendipitous. The chunky, nutty texture of the ‘pesto’, once stirred through the salad, meant that another layer was added to the mix of flavours and textures in the salad, and it really worked well.

I even had a bit of the salad left over that I had for my lunch the next day, and it had kept surprisingly well (hadn’t turned limp and soggy as most salads do after a night in the fridge). I will be making this again, and using a chunky nutty pesto will be a must!