Playing Victorian parlour games

I was killing time at a book shop today and came across a very sweet book called ‘Parlour Games for Modern Families‘. I’m ALL for keeping children entertained without TV, computer games etc, but I know how hard it can be to drag the little brats away from modern conveniences (mine would scream blue murder if they thought they were going to miss out on some silly programme). I had a quick flick through the book and came across a few that I had played when I was little (maybe that’s why I liked it…?). Does anyone remember ‘Wink Murder’ when a group sits in a circle and someone is the ‘murderer’ and has to wink at people to kill them, without being found out or seen by anybody else?

The book contains instructions on how to play games which only need paper and pen, dice, cards or a dictionary, or just your imagination! It’s such a nice way to pass the time, and have some fun with your family, adults too.