Macaron madness

I tried making macarons today for the first time. I don’t know why… I never seem to have much success with egg-related dishes. I can’t make omelettes and I can’t made meringues, no matter how hard I try.

I was inspired by Rachel from the “Me, Myself and Mommy” blog, who directed me to her wonderful and inventive recipe for a mint-flavoured version of Pillow Cookies called ‘Mint On Your Pillow‘ (such a cute name). I love the combination of mint and chocolate – it’s kind of 80’s in a fun way, don’t you think? So I used a recipe for chocolate macarons and substituted the chocolate ganache filling for a mint filling instead. Unfortunately I kind of went overboard with the green colouring and the macarons have a hint of ‘kermit’ about them… but they taste good!! They didn’t rise as much as I expected either, certainly not the way the ones in recipe book picture had. I’m guessing it might be because I didn’t beat the egg white for long enough – does anyone know??

My piping skills need some practice
The finished product - looking a little on the 'kermit' side