Let them eat cupcakes

Attending baby shower on Saturday and will be making a ‘cupcake tower’ to take along for the Mum To Be. Bought aforementioned ‘tower’ today, so now comes the FUN part… making the cupcakes! Have decided to make three kinds: super-chocolate, hummingbird, and what I call ‘plain’ (guess you could describe it as vanilla).

But the topping – that’s the important bit. So… HAS to be super-chocolate ganache for the chocolate ones, and by super-chocolate I mean at least 70% cocoa solids. None of that namby-pamby milk chocolate for me! Then cream cheese frosting (with a hint of lemon) for the hummingbird cakes, considering they are similar to a carrot cake in style, and carrot cake and cream cheese frosting are a match made in cake heaven! And the vanilla? Yet to be decided – but whatever it is will be coloured in all manner of fairy pastel tints. SO pretty – sigh…